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He Gave Us Prophets

NC Course*

About This Course

Many Christians are intrigued by biblical predictions but at a loss when it comes to understanding them. Feeling overwhelmed by their complicated history and literature, we often disregard them altogether, but when we understand the prophets' motivations and methods, we are better equipped to discover the significance of their words for today. To that end, this course dispels common misunderstandings about the prophets, provides guidelines for interpreting prophecy, and gives the student confidence to begin studying prophetic literature.


A number of experts in the field

Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Essential Hermeneutical Perspectives

Lesson 2: A Prophet's Job

Lesson 3: People of the Covenant

Lesson 4: Dynamics of the Covenants

Lesson 5: Historical Analysis of Prophecy

Lesson 6: Literary Analysis of the Prophets

Lesson 7: The Purpose of Predictions

Lesson 8: Unfolding Eschatology

*Non-certificate course