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The Epistle to the Romans 4


About This Course

The Epistle to the Romans is considered by many church fathers and theologians to be one of the most important – if not the most important book in the Bible that contains the heart of the message of the Gospel. It is a book that played a key role in the history of reformation which formed the Evangelical faith today, and should be studied and understood by all modern Christians.

This course continues from Romans 1-4 which dealt mainly with sin and justification, and even though the justification continues to be a running theme until the end of the book of Romans, chapters 5-8 gives believers a realistic look at the challenges after being justified, how to overcome them with the truth, and what followers of Jesus can look forward to in the conclusion of God’s ultimate plan of salvation.


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Rev. David Y. Chang

Rev. David Y. Chang is a cross-cultural pastor based in Sydney, Australia. He earned his Master of Divinity and completed the D.Min program from Olivet University. Having received a Bachelor of Engineering degree as his undergraduate studies from University of Melbourne, his passion for over 10 years has been to explain the Bible in an unadulterated yet systematic and logical way.

Course Units

Unit 6: Romans 5:15-17 – How did Jesus save us from the Original Sin?

Unit 7: Romans 5:18-19 – Made Righteous

Unit 8: Romans 5:20-6:2 – The Problem with Grace?

Unit 9: Romans 6:1-2 – Gospel: the only salvation for sin

Unit 10: Romans 6:3-4 – Baptism and Salvation