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Bible-Centered Worship

Olivet Seminary
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About This Course

The course helps students gain a better understanding about worship by studying in the Old Testament and New Testament scripture.

Unit 1: An Introduction to Biblical Worship (Psalm 95)


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Dr. Alfred Merril Smoak, Jr. (DWS)

Dr. Alfred Merril Smoak is a professor having served on Music and Worship ministry for around forty years. He earned a B.A. from California Baptist University and M.C.M. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He went on to receive a D.W.S. from The Institute for Worship Studies.

Course Units

Unit 1: An Introduction to Biblical Worship (Psalm 95)

Unit 2: Old Testament Worship (1)

Unit 3: Old Testament Worship (2)

Unit 4: Isaiah 6 and Amos 5

Unit 5: The Psalms

Unit 6: Music in the Old Testament

Unit 7: Worship in the New Testament (1)

Unit 8: Worship in the New Testament (2)

Unit 9: Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs

Unit 10: Worship from the Book of Hebrews