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How to Grow a Church

Olivet Seminary

About This Course

The course helps each student to be better prepared to help the church grow and to be better equipped to reach persons for Jesus Christ.


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Dr. William L. Wagner (D. Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary)

Dr. William L. Wagner is a renowned theologian, missionary, and pastor. He earned his B.S. from University of the New Mexico and M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He went on to receive D.Miss. from Fuller Theological Seminary and Th.D. from University of South Africa. He is the author of numerous books including How Islam Plans to Change the World.

Course Units

Unit 1: Where Are We Going?

Unit 2: Developing a Strategy for Growth

Unit 3: The Need for Discipleship (1)

Unit 4: The Need for Discipleship (2)

Unit 5: The Basis of the Faith

Unit 6: Developing the Leaders of the Church

Unit 7: The Disciple's Personality

Unit 8: The Four Elements of Prayer

Unit 9: How to Witness for Christ

Unit 10: How to Hear the Word of God