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Introduction to Missions

Olivet Seminary
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About This Course

Jesus gave his followers the command” to make disciples of all nations”. This course on missions give us an introduction as to what the church has done throughout history to carry out this command and some of the issues faced by the church today in the area of World Missions. The study of missions is one of the most exciting areas of study today for those who want to see the church grow and reach people. For the Lord.

Unit 1: Creation - God’s Plan


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Dr. William L. Wagner (D. Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary)

Dr. William L. Wagner is a renowned theologian, missionary, and pastor. He earned his B.S. from University of the New Mexico and M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He went on to receive D.Miss. from Fuller Theological Seminary and Th.D. from University of South Africa. He is the author of numerous books including How Islam Plans to Change the World.

Course Units

Unit 1: Creation - God’s Plan

Unit 2: Calling – God uses Us

Unit 3: Christ – The Center of Missions

Unit 4: Church – The Aim of Missions

Unit 5: Catholics – A Positive Movement for Missions

Unit 6: Compassion – The Modern Mission Movement

Unit 7: Culture – Overcoming Difficulties in Missions

Unit 8: Enemies of Mission

Unit 9: Consummation - The End of missions

Unit 10: Changing Paradigms - in Missions Today